Litters/Older Dogs

We currently do not have any older dogs for sale. 

However we have a litter planned for late 2018

available to new homes early 2019. 


 Any dog purchased from this kennel has, as a condition of purchase, the following:

If at any time you cannot keep the dog it MUST be returned to us or our Agent and

NOT given/surrendered to a rescue group.

This kennel takes pride in its "after sales service" given to our fellow Collie Lovers. 


All our dogs are Hip and Elbow scored before being included in our breeding program.
Even though we take this precaution please be aware that Hip & Elbow Displaysia is a
polygenic disease and not genetic and can still happen in progeny from parents with 0/0 results.
(A bit like your parents being athletes/sports people with no problems
and then you having a hip replacement - just the way it is)

Before our collies go to their new homes they are:

DNA tested for Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia.

DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy

DNA tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy

DNA tested for Ivermectin Sensitivity MDR1

Wormed, Sterilised, Microchipped

Vaccinated at 6 and 10 weeks

Registered with Dogs West on the "Limited Register" 


All enquiries to [email protected]



Link for DNA explanations.




Contact Details

Wendy Fancote
Albany, WA, Australia
Phone : 0412 027 254
Email : [email protected]

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